Le Carnival Parade is made up of 17 floats designed on the year's theme and other figurines, including a ceratin number in traditional papier mache in a colourful parade with dazzling colours, with the participation of street theatre and music groups from all over the world. In the evening all the floats are illuminated and the evening parades light up the heart of Nice.

Each Carnival represents an original shortlived production. Being a Carnavalier is not a profession, but a passion or a vocation. The large workshop where these craftsmen work, called the "Maison du Carnaval" is transformed into a magical setting for several months.

Even if new procedures, techniques and materials have paved the way for the mechanisation, articulation and modernisation of elements, the basis for float and big head construction has remained identical to its origins.

NEW IN 2017: A new route, identical for all events In order to accommodate the spectators in a 100% secure enclosure, the route of the carnival corso as well as that of the battle of flowers have been completely redesigned. The two events will take place on a unique route: the floats will pass through Place Masséna and will turn around the Promenade du Paillon (see map). This new route involves the closure of the Promenade du Paillon garden before and during the duration of the event.